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Pest Control Mesa AZ
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Pest Control Mesa AZ

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Eastern Arizona Exterminating is a pest control company in Mesa AZ. Unlike other “here today gone tomorrow” Phoenix pest control companies, we have been in business since 1976. Whether you are looking for a one-time treatment or ongoing service, we are eager to earn your business. Even though our name reads “Eastern Arizona,” we have techs all over Phoenix including Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and others

Integrated Pest Management

Over the decades we have earned a reputation for our “above and beyond” level of service, as well as our expertise in the treatment and eradication of Termites, Bed Bugs, Mosquitos, and other hard to handle pests. 


Termites are much more harmful to your home and checkbook than to yourself. Contact a reputable pest control company to schedule a thorough inspection.


Mosquitos have always been a problem in Arizona, now especially, with reported cases of West Nile and Zika in recent years.

Pest Control FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

All EAE products are rated for residential use, commercial use, or both. Eastern Arizona Exterminating strictly adheres to the EPA’s regulations on storing, mixing, and applying pest control products. A products label is the law! When applied properly, our products are proven safe and effective.

The frequency of treatment is related to the level of pest activity. The desert is full of pests, some of which are difficult to control. It is recommended that your home or office be treated every other month, or even monthly, depending on the level pest activity. 

You should plan to have your home inspected for termites once a year. Termites are found valley wide and here in the desert, its not a matter of if you get them, but when. Our technicians are trained to spot termite activity during your regular pest service as well, giving you an early warning.

Regular, professional treatment is the best way to control unwanted pests. However, gaining control of a pest population takes time. Eliminating their food source, flushing out their nesting sites, maintaining a chemical barrier; these are all vital steps in breaking the life cycle of the target pests. 

No. Because the vast majority of infestations start outside, that is our main area of focus. Just ensure your gate is unlocked and potentially protective dogs are secured. Our technicians will take care of the rest! 

Pest control is a team effort. Look for conditions around your structure that may be contributing to your pest problem. Replacing that worn weather stripping around your doors or moving that pile of wood away from the foundation can go a long way in controlling unwanted pests. 


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