Cockroach control in Phoenix, AZ

Cockroaches can be found nearly anywhere in the world, the valley is no exception.


Like all pests, cockroach control begins with identification. Some treatments that work on one species of cockroach maybe almost useless against another species. Our technicians are experts at identifying the cockroach species you are encountering and tailoring treatment to best combat that specific species.

CockRoaches in Arizona
Cockroaches in mesa

Outside Roaches

Some cockroach species in Arizona, such as the American cockroach or Turkestan cockroach prefer to nest outdoors. They often wander into a structure in search of food or are attracted to light shining from within your home. Treatment of these species centers around finding and treating their nesting sites such as meter boxes and other damp, cool environments. Chemical baits may also be used as cockroaches will often take the bait back to their nesting sites for others to feed on.

Inside Roaches

Of all the species of cockroach in Arizona, it is the ones that choose to nest inside that are the most difficult to control. The German cockroach and Brown-banded cockroach love the warm environment a home or office provides. German cockroaches are especially difficult to control because of the rapid rate at which they reproduce. They often find their way into your home inside second hand kitchen appliances or boxes. Aggressive treatment using a combination of baits and sprays is needed to break the life-cycle of these unwelcome guests.

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