The "Why" behind our Mosquito + Termite Bundle

Just like Eric Fletcher, (owner of EAE), explains in the video, our bundle pest control program was started with 2 goals in mind.

  1. Protect our customer’s health from mosquito bourne diseases
  2. Prevent termite damage and mitigate the cost of treatment


After seeing the positive feedback from the first customers who were introduced to the program we realized that we needed to offer this service to everyone. 

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EAE uses safe and environmentally responsible pest control products and methods.

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All of our staff are background checked and drug tested.

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Mosquito Fogging

Mosquitoes carry diseases that can seriously threaten your health like West Nile and Zika. Each year we are seeing more and more reports here in Maricopa County.

With this in mind we wanted to be proactive about controlling your mosquito population by including an affordable mosquito fogging treatment with your regular pest control service. As a result, we use a state of the art chemical called OneGuard on all homes that are signed up on the bundle program. 

OneGuard Multi MoA Concentrate combines the power of a knockdown agent, long-lasting insecticide, synergist and IGR in one single product with controlled-release technology.

The result is highly effective knockdown, kill and long-lasting control of mosquitoes and other flying and crawling pests. 

Pest Control Pricing
Fogging applies the "One Guard" chemical more effectively as it penetrates into foliage and other areas where traditional spraying is less effective.
How much does Pest Control Cost?
The average cost of a termite treatment on a 2500sf home is $900

Termite Warranty

Most people are aware of the type of damage termites can cause your home. Unfortunately for unsuspecting homeowners, the “go to” plan of action is:

  1. Hope and pray their home does not and will never have a termite problem
  2. Scramble to call the first pest control company they can find. (when termite activity is discovered)
  3. Pay more than they expected for a termite treatment and trust they did a thorough job
  4. Hire a contractor to fix any damage 

You can avoid this headache with a termite warranty. Customers who are on our Bundle plan can rest easy knowing that in the event of a termite infestation, their home would be covered and we would perform the work at no cost to them.

For more information about the warranty visit our Termite Warranty page or give us a call.

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