Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to pest control, but in reality, mosquitoes continue to not only be a nuisance, but spread deadly diseases as well.

Mosquito Treatment

Many pest control companies in Arizona only spray chemicals over the tops of bushes and foliage. While this creates a layer of protection it doesn’t quite penetrate to all areas where mosquitoes live and breed. A much more effective method of dealing with and preventing mosquito problems in the first place is our fogging treatment. This ensures a much more thorough treatment of mosquitoes for your home.

Mosquito Control Phoenix

What homeowners can do to help prevent mosquitos

Arizona stays warm enough that mosquitos breed all year long. Standing water, even a little, is a haven for mosquito activity. Flower pots, bird feeders, old tires, wheelbarrows, and buckets are just a few places of you should be wary of. Keeping your property free from clutter and debris and checking for puddles of water are some of the best ways to prevent mosquitos from making your home theirs.

West Nile and other Diseases in Arizona

Mosquitos are uniquely dangerous because of the diseases they carry. While you have heard of Zika, and Dengue, West Nile (WNV) is by far the most common mosquito-bourne disease in Arizona.  Since there are currently no human vaccines to treat West Nile Virus, the Arizona Department of Health Services recommends avoiding mosquito bites by wearing protective clothing and using EPA approved Insect Repellent that contains Permethrin.

West Nile virus cases are common between May and October, coinciding with peak mosquito activity in the Arizona.

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