Scorpion Control in Phoenix, AZ

Controlling scorpions stars with understanding scorpion behavior. Our technicians are experts in the field of scorpion control. EAE takes a serious approach to solving your scorpion problem. 

How to get rid of scorpions in AZ

The key to getting rid of scorpions is knowing scorpions. There is no “one size fits all” solution to scorpion control. Our technicians are trained to identify the unique environmental and structural conditions in and around your home that may be contributing to you scorpion problem. Scorpions are highly resilient, often requiring several treatments to control the population.

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"How do scorpions get in my house?"

Our approach to scorpion control starts with a thorough inspection of your home to help you identify common points of scorpion entry. These most often include; worn weather stripping around doors, damaged stucco, and landscaping that over hangs the roof-line. Addressing these and other conditions around your home or office will make it difficult for scorpions and other pests to enter your home.

Keep Scorpions from coming back

Scorpions are predators. Like all predators, scorpions need a plentiful food source and the right hunting grounds to thrive. Our products not only kill scorpions, but also their favorite foods like crickets, roaches, and spiders. We work with you to identify hunting and nesting sites common to scorpions such as overgrown landscaping, piles of wood, and other debris. We’ll suggest steps you can take to keep scorpions out. Scorpion control is a team effort!

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