Spider Control in Phoenix, AZ

Spiders are one the most diverse pest groups in Arizona. Different species require different approaches to treatment. Our technicians are experts at identifying and treating a wide range of spider infestations.

Not all spiders are equal

From common house spiders to the potentially lethal black widow, Arizona is home to many different types of spiders. Some spin intricate webs, while others live in small burrows in the ground. Some can be found up high under the eaves of a building, others, low under bricks or wood piles. Identifying the species of spider is crucial in choosing the appropriate treatment method.

Coming in to contact with a spider

Most spiders you'll encounter in and around your home or office are harmless. Even the large and frightening wolf spider is really all bark. However some, like the ubiquitous black widow, can be quite unpleasant. Easily recognized by the red or orange "hour glass" shaped mark on it's abdomen, black widows should be avoided. A bite from a black widow can cause severe muscle pain, cramping, and nausia in healthy adults. You should seek immediate medical care for a bite involving infants, the elderly, or those with a compromised immune system as black widow bites pose significant health risks to these individuals. Usually described as "messy", their irregular shaped webs are often found low to the ground and littered with leaves and other debris.

What you can do about spiders

Regardless of size or species, one of the best ways to deter spider activity in and around your home or business is to simply keep areas free of debris and clutter. Move old wood piles or unused pavers away from your structure. Keep landscaping neat and trimmed. This, coupled with professional pest control treatment, can prevent spiders from moving into your home or place of work.

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